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There are a lot of things people will tell you to do to get past your STRUGGLES… some valid, some not. The one thing we all must remember is persistence and to continue to push through our trials is the only way we can gain success.

Life is Beautiful… BUT Hard and you are STRONG enough to Handle it. All you need to do is Believe in yourself.

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Sometimes we get so busy in our daily lives working, figuring out bills, complaining about “the man”, and dealing with stress. That we forget to cherish the simplest things… That we skip over the moments to hug a love one, pause and say an encouraging word, or to simply remind someone that you are there for them.

I truly enjoyed my time with my son yesterday at the game. We laughed, gave high fives, and listened to Tupac. I will always be the disciplinarian but I hope he enjoys these lil moments as much as I do.

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I decided  I wanted to add an educational feature on my blog to educate you little bundles of joy about nutrition Specifically nutrition for those of us that don’t live at home, are broke, spend most of the day studying or in class, and tend to have alcohol take up most of your days calories. First let me tell you I am not a nutritionist, but I did study it when studying personal training and I took it in college. Oh and I got an A so that must count for something;) In all seriousness, I have struggled metabolically with PCOS and have finally come to terms with a lifestyle that will help me. I hope that sharing some basic nutrition knowledge will help all my fitties reach and maintain their goals! 


Today lets talk about the ever exciting complete protein. (Vegetarians and vegans listen up!!)

 You might be thinking isn’t all protein complete? What makes in incomplete. My protein powder completes me and that’s all I’ll ever need. Well, a complete protein is a protein that contains and adequate proportion of all 9 essential amino acids. In order to be considered a complete protein there cant even be one amino acid group missing. 

Complete Protein examples:

  • Meat/fish/poultry
  • Cheese/milk/yogurt
  • Eggs

Incomplete proteins examples:

  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Seeds
  • Peas
  • Corn

But but beans are protein and so are seeds. Yes, grasshopper this is true. However most seeds, nuts, and beans alone are not complete proteins. But if you find a special friend for these incomplete proteins they can become complete:) 

Rice and beans= Great success!!! Complete protein

Hummas and Pitta= Celebrate! Love at first sight! Complete protein

Here are some basic rules for finding friends for you incomplete proteins. 

  • Grains with Legumes
  • Nuts with Legumes 
  • Grains with Dairy 
  • Dairy with Seeds
  • Legumes with Seeds 

Now lets get to the whole broke college kid aspect of this. 

Even if you are not a vegetarian you can admit that meat is expensive. Going grocery shopping can be the worst part of your week paying up to $100 on food. ( sure do miss that meal plan now don’t you). If you compare prices to vegetarian complete proteins to that of meat you will be amazed! 11 servings of rice and beans cost only 4 doll hairs!!!! 11 servings! I am not trying to tell you to give up meat, but rather supplement your meat based diet with more vegetarian protein options. You will be amazed at how much money you save!

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